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Jinga X Elastic Interface

The year 2021 is super significant for Jinga; the sponsorship agreement with Team Israel Start-Up Nation made us realize that we will work with the best cyclists worldwide. Therefore, we will have to deliver our best products.

We decided to collaborate with Elastic Interface and equip our bibs with the most advanced Chamois in the market.

Elastic Interface is an Italian company specializing in developing and manufacturing Chamois and fabricks for the cycling industry. Elastic Interface's know-how and experience are vast, and we are sure that this collaboration will yield excellent results for both parties.

We launched the collaboration with a new bib for Team ISN. The team's new bib includes different types of Chamois according to the personal preferences of the riders. Elastic Interface has also provided custom solutions for particular cyclists for a perfect fit.

Another project that we made together was the development of Jinga's new Endurace Bib. The new bib includes Elastic Interface's top-of-the-line endurance Chamois that provides comfort and excellent blood flow for cyclists focusing on long and strenuous rides.

Do you want to learn more about Elastic Interface?

Visit their website HERE

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